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SubjectRe: [patch] dynamic char and block devices
Oliver Xymoron wrote:
> I realized when I'd finished this that resource trees were an even better
> way to go. It allows us to say things like major x minors a-b use these
> fileops while major x minors c-d use these other fileops. It also allows
> register_device to be _much_ smarter about how it allocates things - you
> can say "please give me a whole major", "please give me 8 minors", any
> granularity you'd like. The divide between majors and minors becomes a
> continuum. Think of it as CIDR for device space.

Very nifty idea. See why I like the new resource code? :)

Anyway, something like this seems to imply that you would have to change
the prototype of register_chrdev and register_blkdev. Is this correct?


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