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    SubjectRe: [: pppd 2.3.10 + linux 2.3.18ac10 bug?]
    On Tue, 12 Oct 1999, CaT wrote:

    > I've noticed something recently with pppd. When it gets disconnected, the
    > modem registers and ther lights say 'i'm hung up' but ppd just hangs in
    > there, doing nothing. seemngly indefinately. I have to ^C it so that it
    > dies and a new one is started up. This isn't the best situation in the
    > world when the system is left alone and i'm elsewhere. :)

    This is a bug in pppd. I'll fix it shortly, honest. :-) Pppd should be
    reading from the channel as well as /dev/ppp, and if it did that, it would
    get the EOF indication from the channel and that would tell it that the
    modem has hung up.


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