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SubjectRe: [patch] [possible race in ext2] Re: how to write get_block?
On Sun, 10 Oct 1999, Ingo Molnar wrote:

>place for a better solution (like what Alexander Viro suggested).

Hmm I think I missed Alexanders' suggestion. I'll reread the thread.

>i dont understand what you mean - the hash table lookup stuff was in there
>originally, or are you suggesting something else?

My point was that even being forced to do a lookup before creating
each empty buffer, will be still faster than 2.2.x as in 2.3.x the hash
will contain only metadata. Less elements means faster lookups.

And we should lookup only in the write-helper functions, the read_full
page and brw_ won't have to lookup.

>dont spend time on putting back old stuff. The 2.3 kernels are development

As the fix I am proposing is only a bit more than a one liner, I think I
can implement it. Of course if there is a better fix I won't want my
simple fix to be included. But in the meantime people who wants to not
corrupt their filesystem while trying 2.3.20 (and I am one of such people
;), will have a chance. But if the better fix will be released in some day
I can avoid to do the one liner ;).

Now I'll read Alexander's suggestion...


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