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Subjectkernel mess. and fileserver problem


since 2 years we have a fileserver running under RedHat Linux. This summer
we upgraded to RedHat 6.0 and since then we often have problems: the
performance of the server goes down, sometimes it hangs. The message file
often shows entries of the following kind:

kernel: fh_verify: ... permission failure, acc=2, error=13
kernel: EXT2-fs warning (device sd(8,11)): ext2_free_blocks: bit already
cleared for block 6873476
kernel: lookup_by_inode: ino 1718382 not found
kernel: find_fh_dentry: 08:0b/1718382 dir/1718287 not found!

What I do is running e2fsck and restarting the machine, but after some
time these problems just occur again. I have no idea how to trace a
problem like this and I am thankful for any hint (we use also samba and
netatalk on this server) !

Best regards,


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