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    SubjectRe: short display with 2.1.132-ac3, matroxfb and XF86_SVGA 3.3.3
    I have applied the 3.3.3 accelerated fb to XF86_SVGA,
    it works ok but it still require "modeline" listed
    in XF86_Config, and thus it is not 100% using the currently
    configured fb mode (monitor is still resyncing while
    swiching between X <---> fb virtual console)

    Here is my fb mode (Matrox Millenium I):

    options fb0 xres=1152 yres=900 depth=16 pixclock=9091
    hslen=288 vslen=3 upper=32 lower=2 left=22 right=32
    fh=85 fv=90 mem=4 nopan=1 noinit=1

    and the corresponding XF86_Config modeline entry:

    ModeLine "1152x900@FBdev" 90.000 1152 1176 1452 1484 \
    900 902 905 935

    If I don't use any modeline, it will default to "current"
    at 640x480, even though my fb0 is 1152x900 :(

    The good thing is Sysreq Magic now works and the acceleration
    of course...

    Gerd Knorr wrote:
    > On 4 Jan 1999, Jes Sorensen wrote:
    > > I do not say you cannot, I do say there may be problems and therefore
    > > people are lucky if it works - it is not guaranteed to work as in the
    > > example with the Mach64 server.
    > It is supported to work. If the X-Server does crazy things with the video
    > board, it _must_ reverse these on exit and console switches. It works
    > with the text console, why it should'nt work with fbcon too?
    > It does'nt work (some versions of??) AccelX, becauce it _allways_ switches
    > back to 80x25 text mode.
    > There are some boards where you can't read the current state (completely).
    > With these the X-Server of cource has bad/no chances to restore things
    > correctly. Blame your hardware. With such hardware you probably have the
    > same problem if you try to switch between two X-Servers or between X and
    > svgalib.
    > Gerd

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