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Subject3-D Audio (Re: sb live)
On Thu, 7 Jan 1999, Thomas Sailer wrote:

> Anthony Barbachan wrote:
> > What about Diamond's MX300, its the one I'm getting myself? (its based on
> > areal's second generation 3D sound chipset) Its a shame not having support
> > for the SB Live, it along with the MX300 are the two best sound cards out
> > there.
> I've got some Aureal docs (in paper form), but they're by _far_ not
> enough to write a driver for them. Did not pursue this any further.

Please forgive me for an off-topic question, but _does_ Linux support any
(resonably priced or any price) hardware products designed for audio
spatialization? Aureal cards certainly would count. Are there any hardware
or software packages for Linux that allow the generation of multiple
channels of spatialized audio?

Kenneth Albanowski (, CIS: 70705,126)

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