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SubjectRe: C++ in kernel (was Re: exception in a device driver)
> >    Now... what Alan says about the difficulty of supporting it within the
> >kernel may very well be the case - I don't know. That said, its time to
> start
> >considering the future. C++ cannot be ignored by the kernel forever. The

Why not ? It's not important at all which language you're using. It's
the compiler's task to produce the BEST code. The performance and the speed
of the compiled code is the function of the compiler's goodness and not
the language itself. Choosing language is only important for people
to make programs easier. But of course simplier language requires simplier
compiler and optimizer to produce almost the same code than more complex
languages. That's why a C compiler usually produce smaller and faster
code than a C++ compiler. as far as I know :)

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