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    Subject2.0.36 networking lock
    Is there anyone still workin on 2.0.* kernel?

    After 2.0.36 upgrade I've had a couple of networking lock in a
    heavily loaded server.

    -If I connect to the server with ssh (ssh server) I get no prompt for
    password and after a while I get a timeout message.
    -Previous ssh connections still keep working.
    -Getting a web page from the server works but when I run a cgi with POST method
    I get connection timed out.
    -named is unable to resolv anything it has to get from outside.
    -ping works.
    -ppp users that connects via modem with pap get disconnected few
    seconds after being successfully authenticated.
    -Nothing strange is logged by syslogd or klogd (Is there a way to obtain
    more info from the kernel in such situations?)
    -No change if I kill and restart all the involved daemons (inetd sshd
    httpd named etc.)
    -Only a reboot seems to solve the problem.

    The server is a Pentium with ide i82371 PIIX (Triton), Cyclades Cyclom-Ye/PCI
    and NE2000 clone.

    Nothing similar happened with 2.0.35. (Of course it has the sys_accept bug
    but it does not require a reboot)

    If you need further info please write to my e-mail address as I'm not
    subscribed to the mailing list. (Diego Liziero)

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