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SubjectRe: proxy arp (was: Arp expire/timeout 2.1.132/2.2pre1)
In article <> you wrote:

: A complete other topic: I noticed that I cant do Proxy ARP for Networks, and


: I think I even can't do single-address Proxy-ARP with arbitary set HW
: addresses.

What?! 8)8)8) Please, do not frighten me 8) BTW I think you can dig and brother sites for such tools 8)

: Should this be done in userspace? The topic of gratious arp can be handeled
: in userspace, too (as far as i can see arping is just going it very well).

Exactly, the same as RARP. Actually, traditional proxy arp is not removed
from kernel only because there is no good user level proxyarpd and I was
lazy to write it myself.

BTW rarpd is ready (*.tar.gz),
so that if kernel was not frozen ipv4/rarp.c would be shot.

The proxyarpd daemon is a bit less trivial and requires work more
than one evening, it will be done earlier or later and then kernel
proxy arp will be finally removed.


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