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    SubjectRe: arca-vm-8 [Re: [patch] arca-vm-6, killed kswapd [Re: [patch] new-vm , improvement , [Re: 2.2.0 Bug summary]]]
    On Wed, 6 Jan 1999, Andrea Arcangeli wrote:

    > I've put out arca-vm-9.

    Woops in both arca-vm-8 and arca-vm-9 there was a very stupid bug in my
    changes of the memory_trashing heuristic (done at too late time..).
    Basically when a process was masked to be a memory_trasher, it had no ways
    to return a not marked process................

    I didn' t noticed the bug because I use swap only when I do my benchmarks
    (when there is not swapping in progress the slowdown due some
    shrink_mmap() can't be seen with eyes...) and when I run my benchmarks I
    always start before the memory trasher proggy...

    Thanks to Benjamin who showed me the bugs some seconds ago ;)

    I've put out a new arca-vm-10 with at least this bug fixed.

    Excuse me...

    BTW, I have reports that arca-vm-6/7 are faster than arca-vm-8/9
    (arca-vm-7 is reported the fastest even more than arca-vm-3). Maybe it's
    been due this bug that the latest are slower, or maybe the whole new
    changes at the first memory_trashing code (the one in 2.2.0-pre4) are
    hurting... (even if here them seems to helps, with them the trashing
    process remains marked all the time and not only during low mem peak; and
    not trashing process never get marked as trashing)

    And again thanks to Steve, Zlatko, Benjamin, Ben, Garst, MikeG, Kalle,
    Brent and all other testers for their good reports!

    Andrea Arcangeli

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