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SubjectRe: Unification of Makefiles for kernel build?
> > I believe there is much to be gained and little
> > to be lost from transforming the kernel Make infrastructure so that a
> > SINGLE invocation of make is done for the entire build instead of
> > invoking make for each subdirectory.
> Good theoretical justification for what you propose can be found in
> <A href="">
> Recursive Make Considered Harmful</A>

Isn't it better to make the current make procedure work? As it is, I
cannot step into a directory and type 'make', because some things are
only included in the top level makefile.

Also, why not make it build with srcdir != objdir, just like any
autoconf software?

Or is someone very pleased with the current make procedure? I'm
not. I'm actually planning to rewrite the while procedure and release
patches, but it would be better to have some sort of support from the
community, and not religious problems to bump into.


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