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SubjectRe: dcache problems with vfat

On Tue, 5 Jan 1999 wrote:

> > Maybe vfat does something that confuses the child lists?
> If I am not mistaken (hope to find time later this evening
> to look a little bit more into this) it is simply this:
> A dcache entry referring to some inode is created: i_count=1.
> A second dcache entry referring to the same inode is created
> because revalidate() on the first one failed. Now i_count=2.
> For rmdir the test for an empty directory vfat_empty() fails:
> if (dir->i_count > 1)
> return -EBUSY;
> Off-hand I tend to agree with your first reply, that the first
> dcache entry should not just be dropped but released entirely,
> so that i_count is decreased again.

The first entry was dropped, right, but it still remains our cwd.
So cd .. should get rid of it. Looks like it didn't.

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