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    Subjectlatest-only mirrors
    Hi Peter,

    I have an idea for a new kind of mirror. Since 90% of all
    downloads probably are the newest kernel only, we might
    want to setup a very large latest-only mirror network
    where we distribute files by rsync so all mirrors have
    the latest kernel source immediately.

    I think that would rid us of the lack of mirrors (who can't
    spare 50 megs on his/her server?) and of the
    overloading (since the rsync mechanism makes sure that all
    mirrors have the latest files within an hour or so).

    An yes, I volunteer to be one of those light-weight mirrors.
    My network connection is fast and mostly idle, but my disk
    space is quite limited...


    Rik -- If a Microsoft product fails, who do you sue?
    | Linux memory management tour guide. |
    | Scouting Vries cubscout leader. |

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