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SubjectRe: 'make menuconfig' crash in 2.2.0-pre*
>  > quickly. 
> > This also happens on the 'Partition Types' menu, and on the
> > 'Additional low-level drivers' from the Sound menu. It doesn't seem
> > to happen on the 'SCSI low-level drivers' menu though.
> > Interesting bug, and very reproducable :-)
> I have to query whether you've managed to get yourself a corrupted
> source tree since I've been in all of those config areas on 2.2.0.pre1
> through 2.2.0.pre3 and haven't seen anything resembling what you refer
> to. Could you please check that?
> Alternatively, as there appear to be several reports of various things
> that appear to have a similar cause, is this a case of using an
> incorrect patch sequence from whatever base kernel you started with,
> or of patching a modified kernel rather than the raw one?

I have a tree (I am not near that computer) which has irda driver
missing. Apparently my patch doesn't create directories automatically
or I missed an option. Anyway this could be the problem - and the cure is
to download the complete tarball.

Vladimir Dergachev

PS - for anyone who is interested my system is Slackware - and I found
several utilities (like sed) being old enough so that new gnu stuff (like
configure) doesn't work well. patch can be another one. On the other hand
I think I upgraded it along with everything else.

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