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SubjectRe: 2.2.1: Serial/modem problems at high speeds

Ok, so I looked at some other messages on the list, and found the

---> esd (the esound server) was running.

Kill esd, and no problems!

(Seems to be smaller problem under 2.0.34, though)

I guess the esd people has to do something about it. I suppose there
must be a better way to lock the sound device, if that was the purpose...

Mikael Nilsson <> writes:

> Hi there!
> I just installed the 2.2.1 kernel, and have everything working great
> except my PPP connection to my ISP over my 33600 modem.
> After some experimenting, it seems like it works at low speeds (giving pppd
> the speed 19200 works) but at higher speeds I get bad fcs (bad
> frames), and most of the time fail to connect (or link is terribly
> slow and instable). I want 115200, of course.
> I'm using pppd-2.3.5, and everything works when I reboot to
> my old 2.0.34 kernel, so the problem seems to be in the 2.2.1 kernel.
> I don't have a clue, does anyone else?
> I could give you logs if anyone is interested...
> Thanks in advance,
> Mikael Nilsson <>

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