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SubjectRe: A router bug?
On Sun, 31 Jan 1999, Alan Cox wrote:
> If the MTU of the two links is different you should look for outgoing
> frames through the router with no reply when the size of reply would be
> large. Thats a clear indication that the remote site has firewalls set up
> by overpaid underbrained morons from one of the many rich and clueless
> consulting firms who think blocking all icmp on a firewall is a valid
> thing to do.

at least in my case, MTU sizes isn't the answer. the reply packets are
arriving. the kernel is losing them somewhere because they don't make it
from ppp0 to eth0.

in the above situation, one can "fix" NT sites by forcing my ppp0 to an MTU
of 576 and they'll work, but this isn't the answer to both situations.

if he can run netscape on his linux router and reach the site just fine, but
not on his internal network, then the situation is as mine is. when we have
a linux meet here, i have to launch half a dozen copies of netscape from my
dialup router for everyone's displays.

there -is- something wrong in the kernel.

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