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SubjectRe: proper place to discuss kernel 'bloatedness'?

On Sun, 31 Jan 1999, Albert D. Cahalan wrote:

> Alexander Viro writes:
> > Server-side compiles... ;-/ Nah... gcc is waay too memory-thirsty
> > and several clients will suffocate any server. Unless you have a
> > spare Beowulf cluster to burn, that is.
> Perhaps a server could be supported by advertising.
> Another idea would be local area support. For example,
> an ISP or university could support their customers.
Dunno. I can see why one may want to use subset of tree, but if
you want customary kernel you'ld bloody better *compile* it yourself. Yes,
several hours, so what? Leave it crunching for night. Maybe a reasonable
thing to do would be to put maximally modularized kernel and let people
download it. If the box is low on core it will be better off with modules,

> In this case, abuse could be reduced by restricting
> the config options to hardware that was sold back
> in the 386 era.
D'oh. One of the fattest files (except SCSI, that is) is
drivers/block/floppy.c. Look at the RSS of gcc when it compiles the thing.
Now, imagine twelve such beasts.
> Maybe even add code to prevent booting
> on the 486 and above.
First of all, it will not stop slashdotters. If one has no fscking
clue it has no fscking clue. Period. They act as if every button had 'try
again, no mater what I'm saying' engraved on it. Ever seen 77 tasks in lpr
queue? Yes, all of them from one luser. All identical. 180Mb each. You
guessed right, printer was out of paper. Yup, poor SS5 was not happy about
/var being full.

BTW, Albert, could you experiment a bit with creating files on
VFAT starting from \xf6? I asked a guy with Windows to run several tests
and it looks like for regular files it munges \xf6 to \x99 (don't ask) and
for directories it leaves the fscker as is. BTW, mkdir("\\foo\\0xf5test");
(from Windows) left the thing very unhappy. Bugs in M$ code, film at 11...
I don't have Windows on any of my boxen, so... Help in testing is welcome.

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