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SubjectRe: Unicode console patch
> >Please don't extend TIOCLINUX.  It was a bad mistake to begin with,
> >and furthermore, we're trying to move away from ioctl()s (ioctl()s
> >were used because most changes affected *all* consoles. Per-console
> >changes should be done with escape codes.)
> It is very useful to have posibilities to get the state of
> translation related variables. Imo we don't have yet the wide UTF support
> (in bash, vi, etc) just because there is not such posibility.

That is definitely true.

> In any case the new console driver will be in 2.3 and imho it is not
> a bad idea to have this posibilities in 2.2 as well. May be better
> do it through the ESC sequences, but imo such posibility realy
> needed. The ESC sequences allow to use this posibility not only on
> local console, but through telnet or ssh conection, etc. I think I
> can do this, but what the question - which ESC sequences have to be
> used to request this information and what the format of response
> sequences ?

Exactly. I'm working on it.


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