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    SubjectRe: Anti-Linux SMP FUD
    Also sprach Chip Salzenberg --- 02:16 PM 1/30/99 -0500
    >According to Matthew Kirkwood:
    >> A lot of kernel calls are still serialised (the read and write paths, for
    >> example), but work to reduce this is proceeding [...]
    >Really? I thought it was simply irrelevant, as long as the path from
    >syscall -> FS -> I/O is short enough.

    It is just that, FUD.
    Here is an article "Linux and Samba kick NT's butt".,4537,387506,00.html
    The article is not about SMP but shows general Linux I/O to be
    twice as fast as NT. (we already knew that :)

    I sit behind an NT dual P2/400 256MB for too many hours each day.
    It is "slow". One of my (fun) tasks is CD mastering. When i'm loading
    a 500MB wav file into the editor, the machine goes useless for
    two minutes while loading the wave file. Basically its just reading
    the file and writing it to swap. The CPU is at 5%. No Alt-Tab between
    apps during that time. No chance of putting the mouse over a button
    (too many dropped ticks). The NT kernel is just sitting waiting for I/O

    Linux would be embarrassed to be that bad.

    I expected M$ to never fix this because its not "broken".
    However, i expect billg to start reading the above mentioned literal
    benchmarks and get really really pissed.

    Especially since i believe 1999 and 2000 to see Linux *really* start
    to cut into M$'s server market share.

    Since i'm on the line, recently i had a machine go over 365 days
    uptime. This caused ruptime to get confused. I found the source
    and fixed it, but i can't find the maintainer to get this really fixed.
    (Other than Regents of Berkeley)

    sarah up 366+22:45, 1 user, load 1.00, 1.00, 1.00
    duke up 1+20:12, 0 users, load 2.00, 2.00, 2.02

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    //_| | \ Dick Balaska / | | _\\
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    _\_____=___ ___=_____/_
    "Windows 95 is the best 24 bit operating system ever"
    - Computer Shopper, Oct 96

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