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    SubjectRe: Article: IBM wants to "clean up the license" of Linux

    > IOW the correct config.guess triple *should* be "x86-pc-linux". Or
    > "x86-gnu-linux"; an accurate statement, since the userspace code is
    > something like 85% FSF code (and this nicely ends the current argument).
    > "i?86-pc-linux-gnu" is silly, and "i?86-{redhat,suse,...}-linux{,-gnu}" is
    > sillier.

    Not silly, but probably completely wrong. The "unknown" is the output
    of the "uname -p" command on Intel/Linux machines. The configure
    scripts don't do any initial tests, by assembling or compiling code,
    except Alpha and MIPS. The "uname -p" option is supposed to result in
    the processor, which actually (on my Pentium) is supplied by "uname
    -m". If the individual distributions supply their vendor-specific
    name--which has nothing to do with the libraries--then any
    distribution that substitutes their own label is not POSIX compliant.
    But I haven't looked at the POSIX standard at all, nor autoconf very


    Robert Kiesling

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