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    SubjectRe: Places we really could use mirrors in...
    > "H. Peter Anvin" wrote:
    > > The Linux Kernel Archives Mirror System is getting pretty well
    > > populated with servers, but there are a couple of high-use countries
    > > which aren't covered.
    > >
    > > * Australia (I received a registration for Australia, but the site
    > > wasn't set up properly; hopefully that can get fixed, but we could
    > > use two in Australia)
    > I contacted which might be the one you're talking about
    > and they're very enthusiastic about settings up the mirror .. so you might
    > want to contact them again if they haven't got back to you.. that site
    > mirrors just about everything in the universe :) .. sorry I can't offer
    > another mirror here..

    Yes, AARNET went into the System last night (thanks!!)


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