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    SubjectRe: [OFFTOPIC] Gnumenclature was Re: IBM, was never Re: Linux Kernel
    In message <>, Larry McVoy writes:
    | : On Sat, 2 Jan 1999, Larry McVoy wrote:
    | : > His point, I think, was that i386-redhat-linux is quite a bit more
    | : > accurate and useful than i386-gnu-linux. Ditto for i386-suse-linux
    | : > and i386-debian-linux.
    | Greg Mildenhall <>:
    | : Is it? The same package ought to work on all of them, and if it doesn't,
    | : you _should_ (you won't always) be able to tell from the .deb or .rpm
    | : extension, not from the name of the package.
    | : The main reason for this? They all use glibc2.
    | It would appear to me that you haven't spent any time trying to deploy
    | a package on the various Linux systems. Suse doesn't use glibc yet,
    | but they are RPM based. Furthermore, their init layout is different
    | than RedHat's layout (and that's just where the problems start).

    Yes, but those also happen to non-Linux systems, and I have to work with a
    lot of those. So I deal with them using non-Linux-specific methods ---
    thus, a distribution identifier does nothing useful.

    *libc issues don't bother me at all for the same reason --- configure
    already has ways of dealing with those issues, and they also work on DU and
    Solaris and AIX and Ultrix.

    brandon s. allbery [os/2][linux][solaris][japh]
    system administrator [WAY too many hats]
    carnegie mellon / electrical and computer engineering KF8NH
    We are Linux. Resistance is an indication that you missed the point.

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