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    Subject2.2.0 Modules: unresolved symbols:

    Hi: I'm running a 2.2.0 kernel - and everything seemed to be fine [apart
    from SCSI sense errors, which I'm pretty sure were the drive flaking out
    on me, since they continued when I reverted to 2.0.36 - they seem to have
    gone away now that I've done a 'verify media' from the BIOS - but when I
    compiled an SMP kernel, a lot [but not all] of my modules stopped

    depmod -ave

    typically reports something like:

    unresolved symbol: __global_cli
    unresolved symbol: __global_save_flags
    unresolved symbol: __global_restore_flags

    [this is from memory - I don't have the access to the machine from here]

    There are usually other symbols missing from the modules that don't work,
    but as far as I was able to tell [I only had time for a quick check
    before rushing in to work this morning] they are all missing those 3
    symbols [and given the '__global', I guess this is some sort of SMP
    coding issue].

    I haven't managed to get any networking or network fs related modules to
    load due to this problem, and a lot of misc modules [sound, lp] seem to be
    affected too. On the other hand, soundcore.o does seem to load without

    Have I missed something obvious? is there an FM I should R?
    I can provide more details tonight, once I've had a chance to do some
    more detailed checking. [ I think I've upgraded all the packeges
    mentioned in Documentation changes - the one I'm not sure about is libc6-
    I have debian 2.0.7v - not sure how the 'v' relates to 'pre6'... ]

    Death before decaf.

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