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SubjectRe: Finally the 2.2.0 is out of sight :-).
Oliver Xymoron wrote:
> On Wed, 27 Jan 1999, Marcin Dalecki wrote:
> > What I'm thinking about is porting the kernel to run
> > as a *compleatly* *normal* user level process. Something along those
> > lines had been already imeplemnted by prof. Switzer at Univeristy of
> > Goettingen.
> > What he had done was in fact a pseudo micro kernel implemented
> > as a UNIX programm running on a file containing his file system.
> > It was called TUNIX. (ftp to will
> > show where to find it.)
> I suggested something similar a while back but I realized it had
> conceptual problems. Presumably your user-mode kernel would want to run
> binaries for the same arch it was built for, and have a way to reroute
> syscalls to the pseudo-kernel rather than the real kernel. That in itself

I wouldn't try to reroute the system calls but rather write trivial
using a file for example as the "hardware" for the root partition. This
be that ugly.

> is pretty ugly. Worse yet, I see no obvious way for this 'user-mode'
> kernel to do the necessary memory remapping it would need for its
> processes. Being run inside of the same real process, they would have the
> same view on memory.

Yes this would need a bit of more consideration. However I'm quite sure
it could be done y just reserving a sufficiently bit are of shm and
doing all
them memmory management upon this should be possible, since even the
normal kernel does provide much of this by plain software instead of
using the
proessors hardware for this....


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