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    SubjectRe: LINUX 2.2 SECURITY: more clues
    On Wed, 27 Jan 1999, Tigran Aivazian wrote:

    > Hello guys,
    > The infamous "ldd core" problem seems to only occur under the following
    > circumstances:
    > 1. the core file is fresh - i.e. you run your cor.c program and then
    > immediately do ldd core.
    It was fresh on one of my machines.

    > 2. More importantly than 1., it happens when there is some swap space
    > in use - and does not happen when 0 bytes of swap are in use.
    And I had over 2MB of allocated swap space.

    Nothing happened. I might be wrong, but perhaps it's a bug with the RH5.x ldd
    from the glibc package? AFAIR many people who reported the crash were using
    RH5.x - some of them didn't mention which dist they use, but those who said
    they're running Slackware or Debian dists didn't have problems. Perpahs that's
    where one should look?

    Marek Habersack

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