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SubjectRe: ISDN & 2.2.0 - the saga continues (WAS: 2.2.0: performance & isdn)
>I've still got trouble getting isdn to work under 2.2.0.   I've followed
>the guidelines given by Gerhard Fuellgrabe (thanks G.!) - unpack kernel,
>unpack newest isdn sources, ./std2kern, rebuild of kernel & isdn4kutils.

Known behaviour, I investigated (and solved) the problem in 2.1.130.
The disappearance of the route is caused by ipppd, which subtly changes
the configuration of the ippp0 device. If you supply ALL the information
in your ISDN startup script, this will cease to happen. I believe it
was the absence of the netmask that caused it for me.

The relevant lines in my script are:

ifconfig $DEVICE $LOCAL_IP pointopoint $REMOTE_IP
ifconfig $DEVICE -arp -broadcast netmask

After completing the configuration, I believe you will find that your
default-route will stick around.

>What have I forgotten?

The above... :)

Bas Vermeulen

When I shop for hardware I always look for the "Designed for Windows 95" logo.
I really thank Microsoft(TM) for encouraging manufacturers to label their
products this way, so I know what to AVOID.

I stick to quality software:

Linux 2.2.0 | IBM OS/2 Warp (TM) v4.0

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