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SubjectRe: IP Alias and smbmount in 2.2.0
Delbert Matlock enscribed thusly:

> Well, I decided to take a risk on upgrading one of my production systems
> (based on RedHat 5.2) to the 2.2.0 kernel. I compiled the new kernel and
> upgraded any packages in the "Documentation/Changes" file that were
> required. So far, it looks like there were two serious problems.

> First, "make menuconfig" appears to be fairly messed up in the "Networking
> Options" section. Many options that could normally be compiled as modules
> can not now, and "IP: aliasing" is missing all together. It does show up in
> "make xconfig", but there is still the problem with not being able to
> compile most options with modules.

> Next, there appears to be a problem with "smbmount". Attempts to mount a
> sharename from a NT server produce the following kernel message:

> SMBFS: need mount version 6

> New versions of samba and smbfs (off of RedHat's rawhide site) don't help
> this at all.

The smbfs file system with linux 2.1.70 and higher (that includes
2.2.x) requires the smbmount program from Samba. The smbmount program
from Samba 1.9.x package will not compile on RedHat 5.x and I'm not
supporting ANY bug reports from that version. Other people have announced
patches to get smbmount from 1.9.x to work on RedHat, but none are supported
and none are going into the 1.9.x source tree, so you pays your nickel and
you takes your chance there. 1.9.x Samba development is totally frozen out
with the Samba 2.0 release.

Get the samba 2.0 package from and recompile Samba.
When you run configure add the --with-smbmount option. That will then
generate three programs, smbmount, smbmnt, and smbumount. Install them
(or install the whole blinken Samba package - it's a good'n). Installing
on RedHat, there are a couple of patches in the packaging/RedHat that you
might want to apply.

Here is the order I do things:

# cd /usr/src
# tar xvzf samba-2.0.0.tar.gz
# cd samba/source
# patch -p2 < ../packaging/RedHat/makefile-path.patch
# patch -p2 < ../packaging/RedHat/smbw.patch
# ./configure --prefix=/usr --with-smbmount
# make
# make install

Should give you everything you need.

NOTE: The smbmount program syntax has changed! The old syntax
no longer works. It's currently on my todo list to work out a compatibilty
mode for the syntax and to get smbmount to cooperate with autofs. There
are currently OTHER problems with autofs that are higher priority (such as
a $#@$#@ deadly embrace that I'm trying to sort out).

> --dkm

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(The Mad Wizard) | (770) 925-8248 |
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