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SubjectRe: PR draft final-6 comments

Nathan Myers writes:

>> SANTA CLARA, C.A. -- Today Linus Torvalds, the primary developer and
>> coordinator of the Linux kernel team, releases a major new version of the
> ^^^^^^^^
> I disagree with Albert on this one: it should be "released". We're
> not announcing a projected event, but an achieved one. Announcements
> of expected future events are routinely round-filed.

A projected event would be "will release". This is now.

>> * Strong 256-bit encryption, uncompromised by US export restrictions, is
>> available as an add-on component. It protects both network
>> infrastructure and hard disk storage, including swap space.
> This is too much detail. Delete the last sentence, or (if not) change
> "protects" to "can protect", and maybe still delete "including swap
> space".

>> * Compatibility with Windows NT and BSD filesystems enables Linux 2.2 to
>> seamlessly handle data from legacy systems. With SAMBA, a Linux system
>> can transparently replace all NT Server functions, including file- and
>> print-sharing and domain authentication.
> That word "seamlessly" still screams "flim-flam!". We don't need to
> snow anybody, we've got the real goods. Let's replace "enables ... to
> seamlessly handle" with "gives ... full access to".

The "enables ... to" construct must die, but "seamlessly" is good.
This isn't a snow job. Seamlessness is important.

"Samba" looks better than "SAMBA"

: * Compatibility with Windows NT and BSD filesystems lets Linux 2.2
: seamlessly access data on NTFS-format and UFS-format hard disks.
: With Samba, Linux can transparently replace all NT Server functions,
: including file-sharing, print-sharing and domain authentication.

I suppose we must slip CONFIG_SMB_SERVER into 2.2.1 to be honest.

>> Linux 2.2 is available for free download via the Internet. For a list of
>> the "mirror servers" established in anticipation of the massive demand for
>> this new release, visit the Linux Kernel Archive (
>> As always, the Linux kernel is distributed as Free Software under the terms
>> of the GNU General Public License (

This document is not a place for download instructions.

> I'd like to see "breathe new life" here -- or better, replace the sentence
> with something more meaningful:
> It can also make older machines--even 386-based computers--useful
> again.

That is stretching the truth. 386 hardware is not useful with
any operating system. The performance/watt is way too low.
That "cheap" 386 DNS server raises your air conditioning costs.

>> Both traditional support contracts and cost-effective Internet support
>> resources are readily available. Linux is provided under an unlimited-use
>> license that lets users make in-house customizations to the system itself.
>> Recent estimates suggest that Linux has up to 20 million users worldwide.
> Why "cost-effective" and not "free"?

Time is money. It will cost you time to use Internet support.
Also consider ISP and phone use.

> Why "contracts"?

That is how traditional support works.

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