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SubjectRe: ** Fork 1, Draft Final-2 **

On Mon, 25 Jan 1999, Kyle R. Rose wrote:

> Yeah, I've been reading that. But what if it's fixed in 2.2.1? This is really a
> judgment call -- include only things that are 100%, or include stuff that's almost
> there. I'm not sure what the proper answer here is.
What if NT 5.0 will be rock-solid? Wait... M$ claims exactly
that. Oh, well... Guess it's a question of *whom* do we want to imitate.

> > *From* BSD, please. UNIX(tm) issues aside, none of the major
> How about "portions of BSD UNIX"?
> If BSD licenses the UNIX trademark, then it really is BSD UNIX, so as long as we

BSD can't license anything. CSRG is no more, {Free,Open,Net}BSD
are in the same position as Linux, BSDI's website doesn't claim that
BSD/OS is UNIX(tm). So there... Lawsuits were about code, not trademark.
If you want to use formal names - use "Berkeley Software

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