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SubjectRe: VM performance
> > Ye gods. If that's the case, 2.2.0 sure ain't going on my 386 with 6M of RAM
> > (which is all I have at the moment, but that's a long story).
> I also find this very distressing as two of my routers have 8M of ram
> while another has 4M, and both perform fairly well while doing any number of
> things. My secondary name server and secondary mail server also has 8M of ram.

Worry after you've tried it and after about 2.2.5 if its still the case. At
absolute worse case someone can retrofit the sct vm to 2.2.5 as an optional
add on patch - but thats kind of "we know this works but not really why"

> perhaps in 2.2.1? Or maybe some option ("low mem?") that will turn off memory
> hogs and go back to prior slower but less memory eating routines? If this is
> possible?

I have 8Mb machines. I expect them to be running 2.2.x well, it just may not
be 2.2.x for very low values of X.


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