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SubjectRe: 2.2.0-final
Hi Aaron.

>>>>>> 1. If I compile a 2.2.0-pre9 kernel with "make bzImage", the
>>>>>> resulting kernel does NOT boot up on my Toshiba laptop - it
>>>>>> just reports "Out of memory, system halted". Compiling a
>>>>>> 2.0.36 kernel with "make bzImage" results in one that DOES
>>>>>> boot up, and runs quite happily...

>>>>> Interesting - I saw this happen on my Toshiba laptop with -pre6
>>>>> so I switched to zImage and got it working. Once I had a working
>>>>> zImage, I made a bzImage with the same .conf and that one worked.
>>>>> I'm now running -pre9 bzImage with no problems.

>>>> Having read that last night, I went home and used "make zImage"
>>>> and "make bzImage" on the configuration that "make zImage" worked
>>>> on the said laptop, copied them both over to the laptop, made
>>>> entries in /etc/lilo.conf for both of them, then tried them both
>>>> out...

>>>> Once again, the zImage version worked, and the bzImage version
>>>> didn't, so there's definately something here - and, since they're
>>>> both built from the same configuration file...

>>>> Mind if I ask a couple of questions:

>>>> 1. How much RAM do you have, Tom?

>>> 32 MB.

>>>> 2. Is there a minimum RAM size for bzImage to work?

>>> Don't know.

>> Neither do I, but given the above answers, I have to assume it
>> does indeed have a minimum RAM size, and that minimum is somewhere
>> between the 12M that I have and the 32M that you have...

> It is the "Tecra bug". You need to use zImage, the broken BIOS in
> some toshiba laptops just can't deal with the bzImage. I don't know
> why it works with 2.0.x though. However, the bug is in your
> hardware.

Ah...that certainly makes sense...

Just to satisfy my curiosity, any idea exactly how the said bug hits?
There's obviously some part of the bzImage algorithm that's rather
susceptible, that's not in the zImage algorithm, but as I don't have
much idea how either algorithm works...

Best wishes from Riley.


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