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SubjectRe: 2.2.0-final
Hi Riley,

Riley Williams wrote:
> Hi Tom.
> >> 1. If I compile a 2.2.0-pre9 kernel with "make bzImage", the
> >> resulting kernel does NOT boot up on my Toshiba laptop - it
> >> just reports "Out of memory, system halted". Compiling a
> >> 2.0.36 kernel with "make bzImage" results in one that DOES
> >> boot up, and runs quite happily...
> > Interesting - I saw this happen on my Toshiba laptop with -pre6 so
> > I switched to zImage and got it working. Once I had a working
> > zImage, I made a bzImage with the same .conf and that one worked.
> > I'm now running -pre9 bzImage with no problems.
> Having read that last night, I went home and used "make zImage" and
> "make bzImage" on the configuration that "make zImage" worked on on
> the said laptop, copied them both over to the laptop, made entries in
> /etc/lilo.conf for both of them, then tried them both out...
> Once again, the zImage version worked, and the bzImage version didn't,
> so there's definately something here - and, since they're both built
> from the same configuration file...
> Mind if I ask a couple of questions:
> 1. How much RAM do you have, Tom?

32 MB.
> 2. Is there a minimum RAM size for bzImage to work?

Don't know.


Tom Eastep
Compaq Computer Corporation
Enterprise Computing Group
Tandem Division
org:Compaq Computer Corporation;Tandem Division
fn:Tom Eastep
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