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SubjectRe: bugs (?) in 2.2.0-pre9
> > PPP does not work on my machine (it does on kernel 2.0.36)

I was confused for a bit getting ppp to work with the new net sysctl
setup; did you enable ip-forwarding and proxy-arp for the right
interfaces? See Documentation/net/ip-sysctl.txt if this might be the
issue. This probably is obvious to continuous bleeding-edgers, but I
stopped using 2.1.xx kernels when umsdos was broken, and only just got
around to trying 2.2.0preXes recently.

I'm doing fine connecting a 2.0.34 (vanilla old Debian 2.0 486)
machine to a 2.2.0 machine (Debian 2.1 + hacks, dual PPro 200 ) via
pppd 2.3.5 @ 28.8bps now that I got the sysctl/proc stuff worked out.

- M

Mark "Monty" Montague | | I don't do Windows(tm)
DON'T PANIC! I'm a trained professional, and far more | *Why* question
qualified to panic in this situation than you are. | authority?

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