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SubjectRe: glibc-2.0.110/111, apmd3.0beta4, & 2.2.0-final
Garst R. Reese writes:
> Ulrich Drepper wrote:
> >
> > "Garst R. Reese" <> writes:
> >
> > > When I do that I get two messages [104] [105] about apmd exiting.
> > > Seems to be a vfork problem. When I remove the vfork code from
> > > 2.2.0-final by reversing the change in entry.S, all goes well.
> >
> > This could be what I warned about right from the beginning of the
> > vfork discussion: incorrectly written code. Look through the sources
> > and examine whether vfork is used according to the limitations (no
> > return from the function calling vfork, only _exit or exec called).

What's the word on whether system calls that manipulate FDs are OK in
the vfork() child? For example, calling dup2()?



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