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SubjectRe: devfs patch v86 available
On Sat, 23 Jan 1999, Richard Gooch wrote:
> >
> > Would it be possible to sync your patch with the current linux
> > RAID0145 kernel patch?
> >
> > Devfs + linux raid would be very handy.
> I can only produce patches against the official kernels. To do
> anything else is a maintenance nightmare. What is needed is someone
> with the time and interest to produce patches against the current RAID
> patch. Anyone willing to do that should contact me so we can
> co-ordinate. I'm also willing to carry devfs patches for
> official-kernel+raid patches on my ftp site, so there can be a
> centralised repository. Or I can add a URL on my WWW page. Whatever.
> Regards,
> Richard....

Hi Richard,

I have the time, the itch and the web space, but probably not the
expertise (1.5 years of C at Uni 2 years ago).

what does adding support for /dev/md0 involve? hunting down
numbers in include files, IFDEF'ing, i could handle. kernel
coding is way beyond me.

Paul Jakma
01 5 * * * root find / -name {W,w}indows -type d \
-fstype msdos -o -fstype vfat -exec rm -rf {} \;
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