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SubjectRE: Scheduler set to 1000Hz
On Fri, 22 Jan 1999, David B. Rees wrote:

> On 21-Jan-99 Quantum Porcupine wrote:
> > (I'm not subscribed to the list, as my quota can't handle the load. :)
> > Please reply to me as well as to the list, if possible.)
> >
> > I've just noticed a bug with having my scheduler set to 1000Hz (by editing
> > /usr/src/linux/include/asm/param.h, of course). Although scheduling does,
> > in fact, seem smoother, ps returns that a process has been running longer
> > than it really has; in fact, it's by exactly a factor of 10, go figure.
> > Just to prove this, I ran the following simple script (PID 1097 is,
> > obviously, rc5des):
> You need the latest version of the ps-utils. The URL was posted a week or two
> ago.

Ah, okay, I must not have seen that post; since i figured it was a
scheduler bug, I only searched on "scheduler" on the various archive
index pages. Now I know what to search for. Thanks. :)

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