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SubjectRe: That whole Netscape problem...

In message <>, Neil Conway writes:

> Sorry to spoil the party but I never use Java (am I paranoid or isn't it
> about as secure as a paper bag) and I have regular hangs and crashes
> (like two-three per week) on 4.06 under 2.0.3x (2.0.35 at present).
> I do usually have Javascript turned on, but that's about it. I use it
> for web and mail.

Javascript in Netscape uses the JVM a lot, and some of the Javascript
functions merely call Java classes to do their work.

So in effect, you are using Java if either language is enabled.
You can even call Java classes from Javascript.

Turn off both. It worked for me. Javascript only reduced the
frequency of errors, but it was still there.

Also, it cuts down on wasted CPU when some stupid WWW page runs
its annoying scripts endlessly.

Shannon - - - Will Hack 4 F00D
"The inevitable result of improved and enlarged communications
between different levels in a hierarchy is a vastly increased area
of misunderstanding."

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