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SubjectRe: Linux Kernel constraints!
Followup to:  <F1C298E6C941D111A18500805F89245932C188@MIDCBDC>
By author: Yogesh Bansal <>
In newsgroup:
> Recently(dec.) in WindowsNT magazine comparisons/similarities between
> various flavours of unix and nt had come. In the same article Linux was
> ignored as enterprise os on account of following kernel 'limitations' :
> 1. kernel is not preemptive. ie even a higher priority user thread cant
> cause another thread to be swapped if the other thread is presently running
> in privileged/kernel context.
> 2. kernel is not reentrant. ie.only one thread in kernel context at a time.
> 3. kernel is not multi processing in the sense that on multiprocessor
> systems it will run on only one cpu at a time.
> will somebody can clarify these doubts and version which enabled it to be
> otherwise.
> yogi

2 and 3 are just plain incorrect, although the granularity could be
improved. 1 is true, but is not a major problem in practice, except
for hard real time. As an "enterprise OS" hard real time is hardly a

Sounds like standard WindowsNT mag. FUD to me (this mag seems to be a
major source of FUD these days.)

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