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SubjectRe: help: PS/2 hard drive not found
On Thu, 21 Jan 1999, Greg Wooledge wrote:

> On Wed, Jan 20, 1999 at 10:09:34AM +0100, David Weinehall wrote:
> > This is a SCSI-machine. The ibmmca.c SCSI-driver is at the moment
> > non-working with the v2.1 kernels newer than v2.1.31 (!). Install the
> > driver from v2.1.30, and everything should work. You might have to tweak
> > it to detect the adapter, though. It should use 0x3540 as base-address.
> The 2.2.0-pre9 kernel does see a SCSI adapter here, but it panics:
> IBM MCA SCSI: integrated SCSI found, io=0x3540, scsi id=7.
> IBM MCA SCSI: Removing current logical SCSI-device mapping.
> IBM MCA SCSI: Probing SCSI-devices.<0>Kernel panic: IBM MCA SCSI: command error. Last SCSI_CMD=0x0.
> In interrupt handler - not syncing

Have you got your config as follows:


If you set CONFIG_IBMMCA_SCSI_DEV_RESET some machines don't like it.

I have an 8556 and 2.2.0-pre8 works just fine with this config.

> > Oh, there is one. It's called rf955657.exe and expands to a disk from dos.
> > You can get it at in the directory pub/pccbbs/refdisks.
> > There's also a rd955657.exe file which is the advanced diagnostics for
> > that model.
> Ah. The documentation says that that one's for the "9556/9557", not the
> Model 56, so I didn't recognize that it was what I wanted. I used that
> to verify that this PS/2 does indeed have a SCSI adapter and a SCSI disk.

Some Model 56s are 8556 others 9556. There are also IBM disks for the


but I think the 9556 disks work on 8556 as well.

Shaw Carruthers -
London SW14 7JW UK
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