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SubjectRe: ECP+EPP mode problem with IOMEGA Zip

> Could you show me the output from id_probe (the diagnostic utility)? That
> would be handy.
> Tim.

I've done a bit testing about the parport and my ZIP. The situation stays the same even after
I applied your short patch. If I turn on only EPP mode in BIOS everything works well. If I
enable also ECP I can't install the ZIP. Parport itself looks happy (when I do insmod parport_pc
it writes to log: "parport0: PC-style at 0x378 [SPP,EPP,ECP,ECPEPP,ECPPS2]") but the ppa doesn't :-(.
I've been looking into the driver what fails: It is the second test in the ppa_init().
After w_ctr(0x378, 0xc) (I've substituted the variable with number) the r_str(0x378) returns
0x7e which has a third bit (0x08) set and so ppa thinks something is wrong. If I turn
on only EPP mode in BIOS the return value of this call is 0x06 which is good...
I've also printed the return values of the first test (w_ctr(0x378, 0xe)). When only EPP
mode was on the return value of r_str(0x378) was 0x0e when EPP+ECP was on r_str(0x378)
returned 0x7e (the same value as in the second test).
Here I'm also sending you an output of id_probe:

Probing port 03bc
Probing port 0278
Probing port 0378
SPP port present
ECP with a 16 byte FIFO present
PS/2 bidirectional port present
Failed Intel bug check. (Phony EPP in ECP)

I hope this might help you. Honza.

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