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SubjectRe: 10.2 Gig HDD
Craig Whitmore:
> and hda: QUANTUM FIREBALL EX10.2A 9789MB w/418kB Cache, CHS=1247/255/63,
> To my Knowledge 9789MB Not Equal 10.2Gig
> If I boot up in Windows with this drive it says it should be 10263MB
> Total,Total LBA Sectors 20033055

1247*255*63 == 20033055 sectors.

= 10.256924 * 10^9 bytes

They could have called it 10.3 Gig...

Of course we count in 1024's, so it's 10,016,527 KB or 9,781.7 MB
or even 9.552 GB.

255*63 sectors are 7.844 MB per cylinder, so perhaps the true
capacity of the disk is really a bit larger (9789 instead of 9781)

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