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SubjectRe: arca-vm-26
On Thu, 21 Jan 1999, Heinz Mauelshagen wrote:

> - buffermem is 200M of my 256M system afterwards
> - minimum swap.
> - lots of system time searching the buffer cache with
> commands afterwards.

so the problem is just only the ~O(n) search in the buffer cache right?

> - commands running 50 to 100!!! times slower than before filling buffercache

No this is a workaround of the problem I think that right now I should
enlarge the buffer hash table of the buffer headers for high memory

Really I think that for the long run I should start dropping the cache and
buffer hashes replacing them with RB-trees to work fine everywhere without
waste some base memory with fuzzy hash tables. I think that doing that
everything should scale _far_ better also under the scenario you are

Comments from David? (note RB-trees != AVL ;).

Andrea Arcangeli

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