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SubjectRe: That whole Netscape problem...
While currently running Netscape under a 56K dialup I did run it for a couple of months
on an ADSL connection while I was living in New Orleans and I agree simply because I've
never experienced the problem on a variety of software and hardware setups and under
several kernel revisions (2.0, 2.1, and 2.2pre series).

The only consistent problem I've encountered is a nasty habit for Netscape to lock up if
you do something like drag the window or maximize/minimize while it's loading a page.
Even then a ps followed by a kill -9 solves the problem usually and you just restart.
I'm heavily in the 'Netscape is buggy as hell' camp right now.

I'm in the process of hacking a absolutely stable version of Mozilla because I'd rather
sacrifice features than worry about lock ups. I also despise memory leaks which
Netscape seems to be prone to. Especially in the Java code.

Daniel Davis

Ely Wilson wrote:

> Netscape 4.x has been 'spontaneously shutting down' since as far as I can recall, on
> both Debian and RedHat, under 2.0 and 2.1 kernels. This is nothing kernel related,
> maybe indirectly if at all. This is a problem that should be taken up with Netscape
> (or whoever it is that manages the browser source code) since this has been a long
> standing problem among a great many users of all kernel versions.
> Maybe it uses a bad memory management scheme under Linux/Unix and it surfaces itself
> under Linux/X Windows. This is a posibility, but I wouldn't stick my neck out so
> far (on he lkml) and say it's kernel related, because tehre are MANY X apps that
> don't spontaneously close themselves. If it were a less centralized problem...
> well..
> Mofeed Shahin wrote:
> > G'day all,
> >
> > I would just like to add to this, I have been running netscape on 2.1.1*
> > and have had this problem. I have a modem dial up, so I don't think it has
> > much to do with wether you have cable modem, or slower. I too like to
> > browse with >15 windows open. But recently it seems to crash with less
> > windows open.
> >
> > I tried to go to anyother browser because it had annoyed me so much, but
> > too my suprise there wasn't much out there that got close (correct me if
> > I'm wrong) to netscape.
> >
> > The versions of Netscape which showed this problem seemed to be 4.0? -
> > 4.5. ie every version I have tried. I haven't tried 3.0?, which I may try
> > tonight.
> >
> > I never reported it to the Linux kernel list because it didn't seem to be
> > kernel related. But since some one else posted I may as well put my 2 bobs
> > worth in.
> >
> > [SNIP]
> >
> > > I'm running Netscape 4.5 here on my RH 5.2 machine w/2.2pre7-ac2 and have
> > > found that more and more often with the newer kernels its hanging up. Don't
> > > recall this happening in any of the 2.1.13x kernels that I'd tried, but with
> > > the 2.2pre kernels it's happening about every half hour to an hour now. Not
> > > just when I'm browsing either, it frequently locks up when just picking up my
> > > e-mail or un-iconifying the window. I've found that by opening up more
> > > windows when browsing, I can cause the whole thing to just lock up that much
> > > more quickly than when running just a single browser window. Quite a pain
> > > though, as I usually browse with about 15-20 windows open at once. My
> > > girlfriend on the other hand, uses one window only and has never experienced a
> > > lockup.
> > >
> > > >From what I do recall having seen in the postings as of late, I get the sense
> > > that it has to do with Netscape entering a race condition with the sockets
> > > that are feeding information into it's own threading loop. I'm going to wager
> > > a guess that many people out there simply aren't experiencing the problems as
> > > they're primarily running it on a standard modem as opposed to a
> > > LAN/ISDN/ADSL/cable modem. I've got a cable modem here and I'm wagering that
> > > it's just feeding stuff in fast enough to force the race condition to occur.
> >
> > Cheers Mof.
> >
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