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SubjectRe: Article: IBM wants to "clean up the license" of Linux

> Because of this, I refuse to ever mention any of the GNU and FSF
> issues to anybody learning about the system. You don't even deserve
> to be mentioned anymore. When I see i386-redhat-linux on all the
> FSF stuff I compile, I will reconsider that decision. Until then,
> I hope others will join me in ignoring you as punishment.

FWIW, there's not one config option on my systems that say `redhat'.

I don't see how proscribing "punishment" is any less paternalistic
than working for Red Hat Software,, or MIT, where a lot of the
research that lead to the development of the Internet originated.

So watch where you're posting from. I personally have a problem with
universities and the government sponsored intellectual property
tactics, which amount to legalized extortion when they're abused. But
that doesn't mean I'm always right. Call me idealistic. I'm as
qualified to speak (or write) about Linux-cum-GNU as you are.


Robert Kiesling

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