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SubjectRe: Article: IBM wants to "clean up the license" of Linux

Richard Stallman writes:

> You will also help inform the users that the system exists because of
> a group of people who stood up for a principle of freedom, people who
> insisted that freedom should apply to the whole of the system, and no
> less.
> In a time when most of the voices heard in the community say we should
> sacrifice principles when they become inconvenient, it's important for
> users to know that their system did not come from that approach.
> Users should know that a firm stand accomplished something that
> "pragmatic flexibility" would never have done.
> I hope you will join me and the others who use the term "GNU/Linux".


The system exists because the Internet (not commonly available
before the early 1990's) allows collaborative development.
Linux might have died under the original licence, but BSD escaped
from AT&T with plenty of tools and most of a kernel. We'd be
using that now instead.

My system is i386-redhat-linux or just Linux. It is quite arrogant
for the FSF to call it otherwise. Not many people respect a person
who tries to claim credit for everything like you do.

Because of this, I refuse to ever mention any of the GNU and FSF
issues to anybody learning about the system. You don't even deserve
to be mentioned anymore. When I see i386-redhat-linux on all the
FSF stuff I compile, I will reconsider that decision. Until then,
I hope others will join me in ignoring you as punishment.

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