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    Subject'make menuconfig' crash in 2.2.0-pre*

    Further to the problem I was having with selecting options from the
    NFS menu a couple of days ago, Luca Montecchiani claimed a similar
    problem on the 'Mice' menu.

    It turns out that, whilst you can select the 'Network File Systems'
    submenu using the spacebar, scrolling down that screen produces a load
    of output from what looks like .config, then falls over very quickly.

    This also happens on the 'Partition Types' menu, and on the 'Additional
    low-level drivers' from the Sound menu. It doesn't seem to happen on the
    'SCSI low-level drivers' menu though.

    Interesting bug, and very reproducable :-)

    Peter Hicks
    Network Support Analyst
    Poggs Computer Services

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