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    SubjectRe: *** draft 4 - press release ***

    "Edward S. Marshall" <> writes:
    > Josh Cohen and Vinod Valloppillil, in a competitive examination of
    > Linux issued by Microsoft Corporation, wrote that "Linux represents
    > a best-of- breen UNIX, that is trusted in mission critical

    > applications, and - due to it's open source code - has a long term
    > credibility which exceeds many other competitive OS's."
    > Valloppillil goes on to say, in an analysis of the Linux
    > development process, that the model Linux uses "poses a direct
    > [...] platform threat to Microsoft, particularly in the server
    > space. Additionally, the intrinsic parallelism and free idea
    > exchange in [open source software] has benefits that are not
    > replicable with our current licensing model." He continues, stating
    > that "Linux has been deployed in mission critical, commercial
    > environments with an excellent pool of public testimonials."

    Let's not go overboard with the Microsoft quotes. I think it's
    hilarious to quote their praises. I don't think it adds to quote
    their competition concerns, and I don't think it's really appropriate
    for a press release. It's also redundant. The 1st quote says it's
    best of breed, trusted in mission critical apps & lists a benefit of
    it being open source. The additional quotes pretty much just
    duplicate this. OTOH, it'd be even funnier if you were to create a
    complete press release out of Microsoft quotes... :).

    Also, note that I didn't re-read the Halloween docs looking for the
    best quote, I just grabbed the 1st one which caught my eye. A good
    researcher might be able to improve on it.

    You might also add the url for the doc from which the quote was
    lifted. As for comments against including URLs, they're already
    ubiquitous in advertising - I don't see any problem including them in
    press releases.

    BTW, I was really half joking when I suggested the Microsoft quote. I
    think it might be actually a little risky to include it. Remember
    Microsoft's legal staff - "Who do you want to sue today?" OTOH, these
    days it might be too much additional bad press for them to pursue such
    a suit.

    Harvey J. Stein
    BFM Financial Research

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