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SubjectRe: *** draft 4 - press release ***
On 19 Jan 1999, Harvey J. Stein wrote:
> Let's not go overboard with the Microsoft quotes.

*nod* I was just paraphrasing the original statements. I'd have to agree
here; there's -way- too much quoting of the halloween documents.

VinodV's original open-source analysis seems to be the best to draw on; it
doesn't send any negative images (no "we're a 'threat' to Microsoft",
etc), and merely paints us in the best possible light. I'd drop the quotes
from the paper that Josh and Vinod collaborated on (the second halloween
document). I'd also strongly suggest that we -not- actually refer to the
sources as the "Halloween documents". Bad imagery for a positive press

> I don't think it adds to quote their competition concerns, and I don't
> think it's really appropriate for a press release.

If done tastefully, and it's spread out a bit more (for example, take
VinodV's comments about opensource and linux from the first halloween
document, a few unrelated quotes, and then a briefer version of the quote
from Halloween III.

> OTOH, it'd be even funnier if you were to create a complete press
> release out of Microsoft quotes... :).

REDMOND, WA - January 18, 1999 - Microsoft Corporation today put forward a
bold shift in strategy, with the announcement that they will be
discontinuing support for their Windows product line, and placing their
hopes with the Linux operating system.

Microsoft employee Vinod Vallopillil was quoted as saying that "Linux is a
best-of-breed UNIX..."

*grin* Be sure to get a couple of good RMS and Eric Raymmond quotes in
there too. ;-)

> Also, note that I didn't re-read the Halloween docs looking for the
> best quote, I just grabbed the 1st one which caught my eye. A good
> researcher might be able to improve on it.

That was part of why I posted; some of those quotes in the current draft
have been pretty mangled from the original halloween documents.

> BTW, I was really half joking when I suggested the Microsoft quote. I
> think it might be actually a little risky to include it. Remember
> Microsoft's legal staff - "Who do you want to sue today?" OTOH, these
> days it might be too much additional bad press for them to pursue such
> a suit.

I would -strongly- suggest that someone have a lawyer look over the final
result anyway, before it is released. I believe this is the first "real"
press release that's been put together for a standalone kernel release, so
it would pay to make sure we don't get anyone in trouble over it. Perhaps
the kind folks at Linux International would be able to spare a suit for 10
minutes or so? :-)

On the other hand, Linus could just announce this with his usual gusto
(greased weasel, anyone? :-), and we could save a lot of trouble. *grin*

Edward S. Marshall <> [ What goes up, must come down. ] [ Ask any system administrator. ]

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