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    SubjectRe: seq numbers and checksum in tcp
       Date: 	Sun, 17 Jan 1999 23:51:41 -0600
    From: Ayman El-Khashab <>

    for some research that i am working on, i am doing some experiments
    with the linux kernel and some tcpip stuff in particular. In any
    case, in the tcp_rcv function, i have been able to get most of the
    information that i need. Now i need to modify the sequence number
    of the packet and then recompute the checksum, but i am not sure
    how to go about this. I have expermimented for a while and turned
    up nothing.

    basically, i want to just modify the th->seq and then recompute
    the tcp checksum and i suspect the skb checksum.

    Why do you need to recompute the checksum on incoming packets, at
    tcp_rcv() the checksum has already been validated as correct and is
    never checked again? ie. nobody else cares about the checksum

    David S. Miller

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