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Subjectext2fs repairs
I'm not sure if this belongs here.
Please let me know the proper place if not :)

I boot 2.2pre6 with a new CPU (686MX from 686).
First boot was fine. Went to Win9x to check new CPU,
fine. Reboot 2.2. Unable to mount /var (ext2fs on hdb2)
Ran fsck complained bad-super block. Ran with -b 8193,
fixed errors, mounted fine. Rebooted to check.

Failed to mount /var again. Now fsck, mount, and other
ext2fs utils say not a valid ext2fs, bad magic number.
I tried fsck again with trhe first 10 superblocks,
and get the same results.

Looking at results of 'dd if=/dev/hdb2 bs=1024'
the magic number is the same as a good ext2fs (0xEF53)
at same offset from begining of partition.

Any ideas what is wrong?
How to fix?


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